Grammarly Review 2022: Feature, Pricing, Pros & Cons

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As a professional editor, I’ve used Grammarly for Two years. Grammarly is the best online grammar checker & easy to use. This review will explain how to utilize and highlight its best features.

So what is Grammarly? Is it worth it? And can it replace a human proofreader or editor?

This Grammarly review is long because I tried to cover everything I could. If you don’t have much time, you can use the table of contents to jump to the parts that are most interesting to you.

What is Grammarly?

Grammarly is a plug-in or add-on for your web browser that does real-time checks on your grammar, spelling, and other writing-related issues across a variety of platforms, such as Microsoft Word, WordPress, Facebook, and others.

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This application for correcting grammar errors has been given the name “Free Grammar Assistant.”

It does sound nice, doesn’t it?

Let’s have a look at a comprehensive analysis of Grammarly’s features, including both the pros and cons, as well as the cost of the premium and business levels of the service.

Where Can You Use Grammarly?

  1. Grammarly for MS Office: When you are writing in MS Word or Outlook, using the MS-Office
  2. Content Editor: This piece of software is the hub on the internet for writing and personalizing the various writing suggestions that you can look at.
  3. Browser Extension: If you use Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, or Mozilla Firefox, you can download the most recent version of Grammarly as an extension. This extension will assist you while you type on Google Docs, Medium, Twitter, and everywhere else on the browser. You can download the most recent version of Grammarly here.
  4. Grammarly for Desktop: To avoid using Grammarly in a web browser, a desktop version is available for both Mac and Windows users.
  5. Grammarly for iPad: The Grammarly app for iPad, which can be downloaded from the App Store, modifies the Grammarly keyboard so that it works more effectively for people who use tablets.
  6. Grammarly Keyboard: You can also download a “Grammarly Keyboard” from the App Store (iPhone) or Play Store (Android) and configure it as your default keyboard to ensure that all emails and texts you type on your phone are proper.

Everyone’s writing progress depends on sentence construction, writing technique, and writing errors. You can choose one or a combination of them depending on your needs and goals.

Who Are The Grammarly Users:

  • Professionals
  • Content marketers
  • Writers
  • Authors
  • Students
  • Academicians
  • Other users like healthcare, law, and engineering background
  • Journalists
  • Small business owners
  • Bloggers

Continue reading to find out the full Grammarly review on this site.

Grammarly Review: Features Free vs. Paid

While you may be thinking about whether the Free or Paid version is ideal for you, is it worth the investment?

We’ll compare each version’s benefits and downsides and pricing to help you decide.

FeatureGrammarly FreeGrammarly Paid
Critical Grammar and Spelling checks
Vocabulary enhancement suggestions
Plagiarism detector (Database of 16 billion pages)
Genre-specific writing style checks

Comparison between Grammarly Free and Grammarly Paid version

Grammarly Premium claims to offer grammatical-error-free outcomes. Their achievements are:

  • 76% of users find writing more enjoyable than before
  • 85% of users are now strong writers
  • 99% of students see improved writing grades

Grammarly Free Version

The Free version checks common errors including confusing words and unnecessary punctuation with an AI-enhanced spelling, punctuation, and basic grammar checker tool with browser and MS Word integration. Since it’s AI, it can spellcheck better than humans.

Many internet users worry about safety. If you’re worried about safety, Grammarly is safe. Grammarly secures your files. Grammarly safeguards your documents even in the free edition.

To download the free trial, click here!

Grammarly Premium Version

The free version simply checks critical grammar and spelling. The Premium version adds readability, vocabulary improvement, genre-specific writing check, and plagiarism detection.

The premium edition could help professional writers speed up their publishing process, reduce editor costs, and improve their work.

Pricing Plan For Grammarly Premium

Pricing plan for Grammarly Premium as of 2022

BasisMonthly PlanQuarterly PlanAnnual Plan
Price Per Month$29.95/month$19.98/month$11.66/month
Total Price for 12 Months$359.4$239.76 annually(Billed as a one-time payment of $59.95 per quarter)$139.95 (Billed One time)
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Grammarly Pros & Cons

Better than a human spellcheckerLack of Plagiarism Detection
Easy to use and compatible with most devicesAdvanced formatting is not supported
Accurate suggestions and tone checkerOnly basic feedback on Grammar and Spelling
Supports American, British, Canadian, and Australian EnglishA few minor errors related to the detection of tone or sentence check
Constant Grammar and Spelling Checks
Encrypted data

Is Grammarly Easy To Use?

Grammarly can be used anywhere because of its many apps and plugins. It examines 100,000 characters in real-time and suggests improvements.

It gives possible answers and explanations for things that could go wrong. You can sort suggestions by how important they are or how well they score. Then, you can click to accept or turn down suggestions. Grammarly has helped me:

  • Overuse of the passive voice
  • Confused prepositions
  • Incorrect comma usage
  • Typos
  • Wordy sentences
  • Punctuation errors
  • Lengthy sentences
  • Broke grammar rules
  • Spelling errors
  • Common writing and grammar mistakes like misplaced apostrophes

Since Grammarly explains why it made each change, it might actually help you become a better writer rather than just correct mistakes.

Final Thoughts On Grammarly

Grammarly Premium is better than free. It helps you grasp grammar rules and write better. Premium features include spelling, punctuation, and English writing style management.

Grammarly is the best professional writing assistant for improving writing. Premium offers more advanced writing suggestions than free. To protect your data, read their privacy and service terms before buying.

In our Grammarly review, we simplified Grammarly Free and Premium’s functionality and price list. We hope you understand both alternatives now. Ask these questions if you’re undecided. Tell us if Grammarly Premium is worth the price!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Grammarly Work?

Grammarly corrects more writing mistakes than a standard proofreader. It explains mistakes and offers solutions. Both versions are accurate, rapid, and easy to use. Authors use it.

Will Grammarly Work On A Mac?

Grammarly works on Macs using the desktop editor app. You may also use the Grammarly Chrome plugin for Safari and the Grammarly keyboard for iOS and Android messages.

Does Grammarly Cost Money?

Grammarly’s basic edition is free. Grammar-check your writing with it. Writers can use premium tools. It costs about $30 per month, but a monthly subscription or discount can save you money.

What Is The Grammarly Cancellation Refund Policy?

If you don’t like Grammarly Premium, visit, contact support, and get your money back within 10 days.

How Can I Get Grammarly Premium For Free?

Use the free and helpful base version of Grammarly. When you’re ready to upgrade or have enough money to do so, you can use a Grammarly coupon to save 20%.

If I use Grammarly’s Free version for Spelling and Grammar Checks, would it access my data?

Grammarly Free and Paid 256-bit & SSL/TLS encryption protects your document and personal data. Use Grammarly with confidence.

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