Avail Grammarly Student Discount Code 2022 (20% Off)

Grammarly Student Discount

Are you looking for Grammarly Student Discount Code? Congrats, you have found it.

Grammarly is one of the most effective grammar checkers available. Because it works with most browsers and Microsoft Office programs, it’s really convenient.

A Grammarly Premium discount is available to students and educators, all you need to do is follow the simple steps below to avail of it.

How To avail Grammarly Discount For Students?

Grammarly Students Discount Page

Grammarly is a tool that helps students and academics improve their sentence structure, writing style, and grammatical mistakes. It may also be used as a plagiarism checker. Some Grammarly capabilities are used to proofread essays, emails, blog posts, and articles.

Follow these simple steps to get a Grammarly Premium discount for college students and academics:

Step 1: Use the below discount link

If you’re a student and want to take advantage of the benefits of a premium Grammarly account, sign up for the deal below. Begin with the free version then upgrade as needed.

Step 2: Submit your details

When you click, you’ll be taken to a screen where you can log in or sign up using your name and email address, or your Google or Facebook credentials.

You may also go to Grammarly.com to use the Grammarly browser. If you don’t already have the Grammarly Chrome extension, you’ll be requested to do so on a new webpage.

You can also look up “Grammarly Chrome extension” on Google to find the add-on.

Step 3: Now click on Go Premium Button

When you apply the Grammarly browser extension to your Chrome account, a new Grammarly browser window will appear, allowing you to establish a Grammarly account or log in to an existing one.

Step 4: Select your Grammarly Premium Plan

Grammarly  Pricing Plans

Grammarly will prompt you to personalize your account when you create one.

Choose the ones that apply to you the most. Grammarly will then present you with subscription alternatives. Select Premium to Level Up.

Grammarly will bring you a special bargain of 20% off their monthly, quarterly, or yearly membership if you choose this plan at the standard price, as indicated below.

Remember that choosing an annual plan can save you much more money.

Step 5: Make payment and complete your order

Grammarly accepts PayPal and credit card payments.

You may begin grammar checking and editing your essays and college submissions once you’ve selected a membership and provided your payment information.

How to get Grammarly discount for Teachers?


If you’re a teacher, you can also get a Grammarly Teacher discount. Simply follow the steps mentioned in this article. You can purchase a Grammarly@Edu membership if you’re applying on behalf of a university. You may also visit Grammarly Edu page for more information.

Why Choose Grammarly?

Let’s look at why leading institutions choose Grammarly over alternative options.

Articulate ideas

From students preparing final papers to teachers and staff crafting department letters, clarity-focused tips help everyone communicate with polish.

Ensure good citation hygiene

When your research notes become a jumble, the plagiarism detector scans 16 billion ProQuestTM-licensed online sites and publications for portions that may require a reference.

Strike the right tone

Choose your tone carefully while writing a casual email or a formal recommendation to improve your academic, personal, and professional connections.

Get the basics right

Improve your grammar and spelling skills. Grammarly scans for mistakes, often misunderstood terms, and complex sentence construction issues.

Grammarly Reviews From Experts

Grammarly Reviews From Mary Groeninger

“Grammarly helps me teach my students because I no longer have to mark 90% of their errors and can focus on bigger issues.”

Mary Groeninger – English Instructor at Vermilion Community College

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between Grammarly Premium and Grammarly Business?

Grammarly Premium is designed to help people improve their writing skills by providing advanced writing comments. Grammarly Business is designed for teams to ensure professional and straightforward communication and writing.

Do Grammarly have any volume discounts?

Yes! Grammarly offers annual plans with volume savings for groups of more than ten members. If you use their self-checkout process, the discount will be applied automatically. If you’re buying a plan for more than 149 people, you can contact sales.

What forms of payment do Grammarly accept?

Grammarly accepts major credit cards (Visa, American Express, Mastercard, and Discover) as well as PayPal payments. If you’re buying Grammarly Business for a group of 15 or more people, you can pay via wire transfer or cheque.

Do Grammarly offer any discounts for educational institutions?

Yes! you can find more details about Grammarly educational institution discounts here. You can avail Grammarly for student discount by following the steps mentioned above.

What does an enterprise plan include?

Grammarly’s enterprise plans include all of the features of Grammarly Business plus greater security and control, improved customer service, and bulk user administration to meet the demands of large organisations.

How secure is Grammarly?

Grammarly prioritises security in their product, infrastructure, and business processes. Find out more about their security measures. Grammarly’s SOC 2 (Type 2) assessment attests to its enterprise-grade security, privacy, availability, and confidentiality measures.

How Much Is Grammarly Per Month For Students?

It costs around $30 each month on premium plan, but you may save money by getting a discount or signing up for an annual membership. There is a 20% student discount on Grammarly which you can avail by following the steps above

How Do I Cancel My Grammarly Subscription?

Step 1: Access your account
Step 2: On the left-hand side, select the Account tab. Look for the “admin Step 3: panel” if you’re using the desktop app.
Step 4: Click Cancel subscription after selecting Subscription.
Step 5: When requested, confirm.

Is Grammarly Good For Students?

There is no separate free Grammarly edition for students. If you want to save money, though, you may utilise Grammarly’s free grammar checker.
For academics and college students, the Chrome addon has a lot of beneficial functions.

In ways that Microsoft Word and other grammar and proofreading tools can’t, the Grammarly plugin will help you uncover and repair grammatical problems and enhance your writing abilities.

Does Grammarly offer a student discount?

Grammarly is presently providing ACAP students a 54 percent discount on a premium subscription, which costs roughly USD $65.00 per year. To obtain this discount, please go here and join up using your student email address. Please keep in mind that you will need to repeat this process every 12 months.

Is Grammarly free for university students?

Grammarly’s premium edition, which includes plagiarism detection and writing clarity, concision, vocabulary, style, and tone suggestions, is available to ISU students for free.

How do I get Grammarly as a student?

Go to grammarly.com/enterprise/signup for more information.
Log in to an existing Grammarly account or create a new one by clicking Log in in the upper-right corner of the page.
Check your mailbox for a confirmation email and confirm your account by clicking the link in the email.

Is grammarly Premium worth it?

Grammarly Premium is well worth the money. To far, we’ve tested over two dozen grammar and plagiarism checkers, and Grammarly is the clear winner. You may also get a 20% discount by using our link.

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