How To Get Money Back From Grammarly


Grammarly Premium memberships are non-refundable, save as specified in the Terms of Service and License Agreement, and Grammarly will not prorate any payments paid for a subscription that is discontinued before the end of its term.

Note: If you purchased a Premium subscription from the Apple Store, you can seek a refund from Apple.

How can I cancel my Grammarly membership?

  1. Visit to login into your Premium account.
  2. Go to the subscription page
  3. At the bottom of the page, click the Cancel Subscription link.
  4. Click Yes, Continue 
  5. Click Yes, Continue again
  6. Select a cancellation reason and click Cancel Subscription.

Note: Try a different browser if you don’t see the Cancel Subscription option at the bottom of the page.

Your account will be downgraded to the free version and any future payments will be canceled at the conclusion of your current billing cycle for your subscription. There will be no data loss, and you will still have access to all of your papers.

  • Please make sure you’re logged in to a Premium account if you don’t see the cancellation link. Have you lost track of your Premium account? Please visit this page.
  • Please go to this page if you purchased a subscription from the Apple Store.
  • You can cancel your Premium subscription on a mobile device at
  • Please read this page if you are attempting to remove a free Grammarly account.
  • Please read this page if you want to get a refund.

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