How To Remove A Word From Grammarly Dictionary

How To Remove A Word From Grammarly Dictionary

With Grammarly’s personal dictionary tool, you can make sure that unique terms in your lexicon won’t be flagged as misspelled.

If you’d prefer to cease marking a particular spelling as incorrect, you can add the term to your personal dictionary by selecting the Add to dictionary button on the recommendation card:

Sign in to your account, go to Account, and then pick Customize: Dictionary.

Here you can add or remove words:  

  • To add a word, type it in the Customize menu’s corresponding area and click Add.
  • To remove a word from your personal dictionary, mouse over it and click the garbage can icon that appears next to


Words with special symbols like !, ?, +, $, &, or /, as well as multiple words separated by a space, cannot be added to your personal dictionary.

When you add a term to your personal dictionary, it is no longer detected in other Grammarly applications.

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How do I remove a word from Grammarly’s dictionary?

Hover over the word you want to remove and click the trash can icon that appears next to it to remove it from your personal dictionary

How do you edit Grammarly dictionary?

You may also access your own dictionary by going to, hitting “Account,” and then selecting “Customize.” All of the terms you’ve contributed to your Personal Dictionary are listed here. You can also add new terms or remove those that are currently present.

How do I remove words from my dictionary?

To remove a term, pick it in the Dictionary box and then press the Delete button. To change the spelling of a term, remove it and replace it with the desired spelling. Select Delete all to erase all words.

How do you use the Grammarly paraphrasing tool?

You’ll get a list of suggestions sorted by theme when you launch Grammarly. Clarity recommendations are displayed with a blue dot as you go down the list. A “Re sentence” label will appear next to suggestions for long or wordy sentences.

Is Grammarly a word?

Grammarly is an online grammar checking, spell checking, and plagiarism detection platform developed by Grammarly, Inc.

Does Grammarly reduce word count?

The tautology check in Grammarly helps you eliminate redundant words and create better, more direct statements.

Can Grammarly edit PDF?

RTF, and txt. PDF, Latex, and Markdown file types are not supported at this time.

How do I get rid of premium alerts on Grammarly?

To do so, open your browser and navigate to, where you can turn off a specific set of suggestions. This action will turn off this group in all Grammarly products you use. Please let us know what you think.

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