How To Use Grammarly In Powerpoint

How To Use Grammarly In Powerpoint

Do you want to know how to add Grammarly to PowerPoint? Look at the steps below to see what you need to do.

Grammarly may be at the top of your list if you’re seeking the best apps to help you improve your grammar. Grammarly is available as a desktop program for Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, and a variety of other platforms.

It’s even accessible as a Chrome browser extension. At the same time, you may be asking if you can install Grammarly free or Grammarly premium for MS Word. You might even want to utilize it in conjunction with Microsoft Office or Outlook.

If you’re interested in utilizing Grammarly, you can read our review of the tool here. Otherwise, continue reading since we’ve described the steps you’ll need to take to utilize Grammarly with your PowerPoint presentation below.

1. Visit the Grammarly Website for Grammarly for Microsoft Word.

Install Grammarly from Microsoft Word as the first step in utilizing Grammarly to edit your PowerPoint presentation. Go to this website to get Grammarly for Microsoft Word and Outlook. On the webpage, you should see a button that says “Get it for Windows.”

Keep in mind that by clicking on this link, you will have access to the free version. A tutorial on how to use Grammarly should also be available on the website’s top page. If you’ve never used Grammarly before, you should spend a few minutes learning how it works.

2. Install The Grammarly Add-In

The Grammarly add-in must then be installed. After downloading Grammarly, you must launch the installation file, which should end in.exe. There should be a pop-up window prompting you to begin. To begin the installation procedure, click the green button.

You should also be prompted to install Grammarly for Word by clicking a button. You must ensure that you check the correct box. You can also use Grammarly for Outlook.

Keep in mind that you must also read the terms and conditions as well as the privacy policy. You may be required to accept the policy before the program will allow you to download it to your computer. Once you’ve checked the appropriate boxes, click the install button.

3. Select the Finish option.

The download is quick; however, be advised that the software may request you to close any open programs. For example, if you are installing Grammarly for Microsoft Word, you cannot have MS Word open while the installation is taking place.

As a result, the software may advise you to close MS Word and any other programs that are open. When it is finished, you will get a window stating that Grammarly has been installed. To complete the process, click the Finish button.

4. Launch Grammarly for Microsoft Word

Now that the program has been installed, launch MS Word. When you launch the software, you should see a new set of buttons at the top of the page. Because there is a button to launch Grammarly in MS Word, the user experience may appear slightly different.

It should be in the upper left-hand corner of the screen. Simply click this button to launch the software. You should see that the screen divides into two sections. The text in the document will be shown on one side of the screen.

Grammarly should be visible on the opposite half of the screen. To begin the procedure, you may need to check in to your account. There is a button that will prompt you to do so.

5. Sign In To Your Grammarly Account Or Create One

After that, you can return to your manuscript and begin the crucial step of revising your work.
After clicking the log-in option, you must either sign in to your existing account or create a new one. Creating a new account is a simple procedure that should take no more than a minute or two.

Once you’re logged in, you should see a pop-up window prompting you to visit the Grammarly website. After that, you can return to your manuscript and begin the crucial step of revising your work.

6. Copy the text from your PowerPoint into MS Word.

Grammarly can now be used to check your PowerPoint presentation. You must first launch your PowerPoint presentation. Then, copy the text from your PowerPoint presentation into MS Word. Grammarly should begin working instantly.

It should begin checking the text you copied into MS Word. You can update it there, and once you’re happy with your changes, you can return the text to PowerPoint.

This is a rather simple procedure. You may need to fiddle with the layout a little as you switch between the two Microsoft products, but this is a simple approach to verify your PowerPoint presentation and repair any grammar issues and grammatical blunders using

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