Why Isn’t Grammarly Working In Google Docs

Why Isn’t Grammarly Working In Google Docs

Are you having trouble getting Grammarly to work in your Google Docs document?

Grammarly for Google Docs is currently in beta and can be found on common browsers such as Google Chrome, Edge, Safari, and Firefox.

As a result, several of the issues are being investigated right now.

The Grammarly Browser Extension is prone to mistakes. When using Google Docs or other editors, you may find yourself waiting for it to start up.

Other typical difficulties include error indicators and lags. Officials claim that a few solutions can readily remedy such problems.

However, an application’s functionality should not be dependent on workarounds. Grammarly’s developers are presently working to resolve these difficulties, and we should have a permanent solution soon.

But first, let’s discuss the workarounds we have until then.

Workarounds for Grammarly not working in Google Docs

We’ve compiled a list of all the issues people have encountered while attempting to use Grammarly on Google Docs, as well as official remedies to resolve them.

I hope this solves your issue:

1) If you don’t see the Grammarly icon while using Google Docs

Re-enable Grammarly if necessary. When using this workaround, make sure you’re on the Google Docs page. To do so, go to your browser’s Extensions settings.

To open options, click the Grammarly icon from the Extensions list. Turn off the Check for writing recommendations on the Google Docs option, then turn it back on.

The Grammarly icon should display in the document’s lower right corner.

If the problem persists, clear your browser cache. Click the three dots in the top-right corner of Chrome and go to More Tools > Clear Browsing Data.

The option to erase cached data and photos can be found here. If you’re using a different browser, search in the settings for a clear browsing data option.

2) If you’re using Google Docs and don’t see Grammarly underlines (error indicators)

This is a recognized problem, and administrators are attempting to resolve it as quickly as possible.

When the Google Docs page has footnotes or tables, Grammarly is unable to function properly. To remedy this, delete the footnotes and tables from your document and run Grammarly through it again.

After you’ve finished using Grammarly, you may add them back in.

3) If you’re having trouble editing your Google Docs document using Grammarly, try the following

This is a well-known problem. You may experience lags or performance issues when editing a Google Docs document with 30 pages or more.

There are currently no workarounds for this problem. Officials are striving to resolve the situation as quickly as possible.

4) If you receive an “Update required” notification, follow these steps

Remove the Grammarly plugin from your browser’s Extension Settings and uninstall it. Now go to your browser’s app store and download the most recent version of Grammarly.

Additional Information

1) The Plagiarism Checker tool of Grammarly is not available in Google Docs. You can use the Grammarly Editor app as a workaround.

2) Except for Google Docs, Grammarly will not work with Google Drive services. When it comes to Google Docs, Grammarly is still in beta.

As a result, you won’t be able to use it right now for Google Sheets, Slides, or any other Google Drive services.

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